How to save heating & cooling energy cost?

You can star Having the heating and cooling system inspected and install a programmable thermostat.

Also cleaned and tuned before each heating and cooling season helps.
If you Seal any drafts in the windows with approved shrink plastic kits prevents the cold wind coming up to your home.

Clean the ductwork as recommended by your heating and cooling technician and change the filter regularly.

Check your filter often no matter what.

To follow the above can raise the efficiency of your equipment and get a proper air circulation due to restriction in the ductwork and filter.

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Hamilton Heating and Cooling systems

The amount of energy your home uses will vary depending on your circumstances and the climate where you live—as well as the type of heating and cooling systems you install.
The heating element is the heart of the electric furnace and add in three important ways.

Heat up response, Chamber uniformity and element life.

Heating and cooling is delivered into your home through separate ducts, and is typically controlled by one controller for both heating and cooling functions.

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